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907 Pittsburgh Road  

(RT 8)

Butler, PA.  16002

Phone: (724) 481-1161

Fax:  (724) 481-1323


We Carry:

Coffee, Pastries, Chocolates, Equestrian Supplies, Pet Supplies, Apparel, Home Accents, and more!  


Check out our On-Line-Store.  It's easy to get there, just click the "Let's Shop" button on the left.  It's right under "Home."

What's New.  Since our fire , basically "Everything."  Don't forget to look for our NEW mobile unit.  It will look something like this:  



The Horse and the Hound Out-Bound

What else is New:  Our Location,   (Check it out!).  Our Telephone Number:  (724) 481-1161, and some new lines.


Our regular customers know that we try to support the local shows, including our neighbor right down the road, "Horse On Course." Don't forget the WPHA and Mountaineer shows are there this year.  They are in August.  We have also been supporting the OPHA and Chagrin Classic, in Chagrin Ohio this May.    

To help our customers in tough times, we are now offering coupon packages.  We are starting with Kid's and Men's.  Click on the "Kid's and "Men's" links to check them out.  This is our first stab.  I'm sure we will get better with age.  

Wow!  Have we had a summer!  I am sure all of you are having a hot one.  I'm just supprised how hot ours has been.  

Check out Our:



              Carousel Horse                      Tack Room                                        Apparel


Friendly Links.  

We are located in the heart of the green hills of Western Pennsylvania (but half the year they seem to be white.)  Please see our map for directions. Just "klick" on the link below!  

  How to find us!  

Our concept store: The Horse and the Hound, and our Coffee House: The English Rose Coffee House, are currently not active due to a fire.  As soon as we can find out when we can open other than by appointment, we will let you know.

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 1 December 2011

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